Wahoo Elemnt Bolt Discount Code

WAHOO Elemnt Bolt for $205*

If you are thinking about getting the Bolt, now is a good time to receive two cash back offers through Retailmenot.com (10% Discount or Cash Back) and ebates.com (8% Cash Back), when you shop online at Backcountry.com. Backcountry also has free expedite shipping on orders over $50.

How to get the deal:

First, click the Backcountry deal link on Retailmenot.com. The Backcountry.com website then will open up and then click to activate the ebates.com shopping trip using their Google extension (an extension from the Chrome Store). Then click through the ebates.com screen to activate its shopping trip and then you will place your order with backcountry.com. See below for step by step directions and referral discounts. Below is the link to the Backcountry deal on Retailmenot: Link

Wahoo Elemnt Bolt Retailmenot Discount
Referral Discounts:

Backcountry.com = http://refer.backcountry.com/s/neverbikealone
*Give a friend $10, get $10.

EBATES.com = https://www.ebates.com/r/RICHAR21628?eeid=28187
*I receive $5 a “friend” up to $50”, Thank you!


1. Follow the ebates.com referral link to create an account.
2. Go to the Google Chrome Store and add their extension to your Chrome browser.
3. Follow the backcountry.com referral link to receive a $10 discount and to create an account. (I’m not 100% that it will apply to your shopping trip).
4. Create a retailmenot.com account.
5. Click the retailmentnot.com Backcountry deal link to activate your shopping trip through retailmenot.com.
6. Once Backcountry.com is open, using the ebates google extension, click to activate their shopping trip deal. Ebates varies every week on what % discount they are offering, mine was 4% at the time I purchased the Bolt.
7. Select the Bolt and apply the $10 backcountry.com refer a friend discount, and then place your order.
8. Receive the Bolt in two days and enjoy! Your cashback payments will arrive in month or two.
9. Final step: Ride your bike and be happy 🙂




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