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I was gifted a Lumos Helmet by my fiancée for Christmas, and since last June when I started bike commuting she has always been thinking about my safety. Which is a good thing, because as of right now she still wants me around, and as we go through our married life I’ll use “bike safety thoughtfulness” as a gauge of the love she still has for me.

So, after unwrapping my gift and discovering Lumos for the first time, I quickly Googled the helmet to learn more. This helmet was brought to life from a Kickstarter campaign back in 2015 and backers raised over $800K. It retails for around $150-$199… depending on time of season and inventory levels.

 Here are my initial thoughts:

  • Functionality is quite good, one button to turn on/off and to select one of the 3 modes (on, slow blink, fast blink). It remembers your selected mode from your previous ride, so you do not have to click through to get it to your preferred setting.
  • It has turn signals! What.. puts a smile on my face every time I turn on my “blinkers”.
  • It has a beta mode that flashes the rear lights to signal you are slowing down, it uses your phone’s accelerometer.
  • I think the price should hover more closely around $150 if not lower, $200 would be tight for the average commuter to justify. Durability and battery life will be the judge of the future price.
  • Overall design is okay, not the sharpest looking helmet but not the worst.
  • It weighs significantly heavier than your standard road helmet (2x the amount) at 450 grams (most of the weight is coming from the lithium battery).
  • Overall fit is okay, feels like it sits a little shallow on my head and it is a little wide for my taste, overall not bad.
  • Battery Life claims approx. 6 hours on flashing mode and 3 hours on solid mode. 3.7V 800mAh Lithium-Polymer Rechargeable Battery. (Tested – after wearing the helmet and using the flashing mode, the helmet’s battery lasted 5 hours and 50 minutes over 22 bike commutes that lasted around 15 minutes each.)
  • The Lumos Helmet will be my commuting helmet from now on. It is a joy to wear and use every time I commute through the city. I will still ride with front and rear lights, the helmet will add to my overall safety presence.

Next improvements that I think Lumos should incorporate in version 2.0:

  • Voice Activated (Left/Right Turn Blinkers, stopping).
  • Reduce the overall weight.
  • Front lights line move down to wrap around the head, to create a halo effect.
  • Brighter lights to allow better use during daytime use.
  • Place logos on both sides.
  • Add s, m and l sizes – will help with the overall fit.
  • Add another helmet design option to a more bucket style lid or enduro style, create the feel that your head is fully secured.
  • Make it easier to replace battery and broken LED strips.
  • Add ability to connect to GPS cycling computer for smart braking warning light system. Again, it currently it uses your phone’s accelerometer.



Photos provided by © Lumos Helmet.


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