TOGS | Thumb Over Grip System

TOGS: Thumb Over Grip System

Want to climb faster? These so called TOGS (thumb over grip system) can help you do just that. These thumb like joysticks were designed over 3 years ago (2014) by a family in Salt Lake Valley, Utah. Per the info page on their website, the concept came about during gravel commutes. They would place their thumb on top of the bars for comfort, but any dip or large rock would cause their hand to slip off the bars. Thus, TOGS were born.

I first discovered these wonderful little horns after watching an Instagram story that  quadsworth (Gordon W Wadsworth) posted. I believe he posted a video unboxing these American themed Flex TOGS. So I clicked the tag that he posted and my mind was blown when I discovered what they are used for. USA America TOGS Quadsworth

Riding with my thumbs over the bars is my go to position when riding gravel climbs and long flat straights. In the past I have struggled with the fact that my hands could slip, so these would eliminate that fear.  And, as someone who likes to position their hands closer in rather than out wide, these should give me another comfortable hand position. So I might be adding these to my bikepacking setup. More to come. TOGS: Website & Instagram

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