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Founded in 2004, Rapha performance cycling apparel has become one of the household names in cycling apparel among the likes of Castelli, Giro, Pearl iZumi and Assos.  While Rapha’s apparel is consider the best among avid cyclists, their kits can set you back a few hundred dollars.

For example:
Pro Team Flyweight Jersey ($135 – Retail $180)
Pro Team Lightweight Bib Shorts ($214 – Retail $285)
Pro Team Socks ($20 – Retail $20)
Total Retail Value: $485

For average cyclists, Rapha is tough to swallow when looking to purchase new gear. Most who just ride for fun on the weekends will tend to look to Performance Bicycle or REI. There they will be able to purchase mediocre gear that is half the price of the top brands. And, lets be honest with ourselves, the jerseys/bibs that they are selling have not and will not win any style awards. You will feel like a dweeb.

Cycling Dweeb neverbikealone

That’s what Rapha did differently when they released their first line during the summer of 2004. They made attractive clothing that makes you look and feel “PRO” without wearing a team jersey with all those damn sponsors. Don’t be that guy.

Now for the best Rapha knockoff.

As a frugal person I have always scoured the web for the best deals. This has led me to using eBay for a number of years until I found out about AliExpress. AliExpress is a Chinese platform that links Chinese manufacturing businesses to consumers worldwide. In a way allows everyday individuals to obtain wholesale prices.

Spexcel is one of the multiple AliExpress cycling stores that offer quality apparel for the everyday rider at extremely low price points. Below are a few examples of the items that they offer. A jersey – bib shorts set is around $50 compared to a $450 Rapha set. I have purchased both the black jersey and the bib shorts below, and I can confirm they look exactly like their pictures. The quality and cut of the fabric is as good or better than what you can buy at Performance Bicycle or REI.



Would you consider purchasing apparel from Spexcel?




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